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Dental Assistants

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Throughout the year, we will be posting updates and sharing stories of the wonderful work done by dental assistants. Check in often to see what’s new!

Continuing Education

Ortho Essentials

Procter & Gamble is proud to offer a library of over 150 online Continuing Education courses at no cost to dental professionals covering a broad range of topics.  Procter & Gamble is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider and is also designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry for Fellowship, Mastership, and Membership Maintenance Credit.  Continuing Education is one of the many ways we continue to support your efforts to stay informed.

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Click here to view the top 10 CE courses recently taken by dental assistants.

We at Crest + Oral-B realize the orthodontic dental assistants’ key role is helping the orthodontist correct oral health problems.  As you know, good oral hygiene is critical to the success of every orthodontic patient and can be one of the most challenging aspects of orthodontic care.  Check out our Ortho Essentials program and help inspire excellent oral hygiene in your patients.

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Already using our Ortho Essential program in your office…refer your patients to the NEW for a complete braces survival guide!

Patient Education

Dental Assistants Rock!

It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to understanding patients’ needs, learning is best achieved through multiples senses.  We know people have preferred learning styles, and we also know visual cues are more likely to be remembered.  So, if your current approach to communicating with patients is based on verbal cues only, your message is most likely to be forgotten.  By incorporating visuals, patients are more likely to comprehend and remember.  You will find a variety of oral health topics in multiple formats on  The educational materials can be customized to include your practice information and are available in multiple languages.  You can print these materials to send home with your patients, or use chair side if you have computer access in your operatory.

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Dental Assistants are a very important part of every dental office, yet they often receive the least recognition for all their hard work.  We held a contest on Facebook asking dental professionals “Why Dental Assistants Rock at Work!”  From this contest, “The Top 10 Reasons Dental Assistants Rock!” poster was developed highlighting the importance and dedication of Dental Assistants everywhere!  Download and print the poster and hang it proudly in your office!

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Crest + Oral-B is proud to announce that effective immediately all dental assisting students in the U.S. may now order at student pricing on the Shopping CART at

Simply register and create your Online Account. Then, you may order a maximum of 5 personal use (cases or eaches) in a calendar year using a credit card and your home address. (For help, follow these instructions to register.)

As always, practicing dental assistants and dental assistant faculty may continue to order online at significantly reduced prices. Five cases of product may be purchased for personal use per year using a credit card and home address.


Find out more about the partnership between March of Dimes and Crest + Oral-B and how together they are working to educate women about the importance of oral health during pregnancy.

Crest Oral-B will no longer be accepting nominations after April 30, 2012. Please visit us again soon



Based on information in Your Profile, it looks like you’ve graduated. As you transition into practice, we want to keep you informed about new CE courses, promotions, and other resources now available to you as a practicing professional.

So please take a moment to Update Your Profile; make sure to look under each category, i.e., Personal Information, School Information and Notification and Updates and click "Edit."

We also recommend that you visit the Graduating Student section for post-graduate tips.