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Patient Education

Patient Education

At Crest Oral-B, we're committed to helping you educate your patients on oral health conditions, dental procedures, and proper oral hygiene techniques.  Our customizable PDF handouts cover 17 topics and are available in up to 20 different languages.  We also have oral health instructional videos and materials developed specifically for children.  Finally, we offer resources to enhance communication with your patients.

Our goal is to help you and your patients achieve success—in and out of the office.

Dental Care

Dental Care

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This database offers customizable handouts, videos, and other multimedia materials in numerous languages to help you educate your patients.

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Hispanics & Oral Health

Kids Activities

Click to view mini-report with key survey findings:

Hispanics Open Up About Oral Health Care

Click to view bilingual brochure debunking top misperceptions about oral care:

It's Time for Hispanics to Open Up About Oral Health Care

Click to view video:

HDA Survey Findings Presentation (Video)

Parent Educational Guide

Teaching Kids

Make Brushing Amazing
This educational guide is a great resource for parents. A step-by-step guide with ideas for children of all ages will help parents “Make Brushing Amazing!”

Print this brochure for parents:

A lasting smile starts with...

Las sonrisas duraderas comienzan con...

This program provides materials that make it easy for first-grade teachers to educate their students about the importance of oral care.

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