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Dental Care

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Crest® PRO-HEALTH® [HD]™ - box Crest® PRO-HEALTH® [HD]™ - Tubes
Crest® PRO-HEALTH® [HD]™ - box

Dental Care

Dental Care

Crest® PRO‑HEALTH® [HD]™

Crest PRO‑HEALTH [HD] delivers gum benefits comparable to chlorhexidine,* with the advantage of noticeable whitening. It’s a daily 2‑step toothpaste and gel system that provides an exhilarating clean for patients of all types and rapid gum health improvement* for patients with gingivitis.

Superior Sensitivity Relief to Sensodyne** at 2 weeks.

Step 1 delivers the optimized power of stannous fluoride, uniquely formulated to help inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis. Step 2 provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Transform your patients’ ordinary brushing routine into an extraordinary experience–Recommend Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] today!

Crest ProHealth HD
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Step 1, optimized stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste, helps strip away plaque, while

Step 2, perfecting gel, polishes teeth and provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Brushing regularly with Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] (1 minute per step) offers these benefits:

  • Gum health benefits comparable to chlorhexidine*
  • The advantage of noticeable whitening
  • 35% less overnight plaque vs regular fluoride toothpaste*
  • 39% reduction in gingival bleeding sites vs regular fluoride toothpaste*§
  • 73.4% stain prevention vs regular fluoride toothpasteII

*Via Step 1 stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste.
**Sensodyne Extra Whitening
At 3 weeks of treatment.
§In a clinical study after 3 weeks of treatment.
IIIn a clinical study measured at 10 weeks.

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